“The Trigger Pouch” – Source of Innovation

Safer & Faster!!

The “Grenade Trigger Pouch” – leading the next generation of pouches.

To simplify the operation of a grenade.

To improve the extraction speed of a grenade while insuring the safety of fighters in extreme combat situations.

To change the concept of fighting, to enable anyone at any time to throw grenades quickly & safely.


“Keep the eye on the target”

407338_6Improving the extraction speed of a grenade 6 times faster than a pouch. Simplifying grenade throwing- extraction of a grenade with one hand while second hand is free to hold warriors personal weapon.
  • 5 safety release mechanisms.
  • The pull ring is safe and secure.
  • The spoon (lever) is firmly protected enabling cancelation of the “thumb safety” in m-67.
  • The tip of the pull pin is in a protected place.
  • Top cover secures the fuse.
  • A unique ergonomic structure that constantly grips the spoon (lever)