About A.C.S.

Who we are

A.C.S INDUSTRIES was founded by the owners of Nirtal Training & Supply of Combat Equipment & Team 3.
Two established & acknowledged companies in the security field, offering the very latest in combat solutions.

Both companies are staffed by elite military, police, intelligence & security specialists who possess invaluable expertise gained from real-life combat situations, giving A.C.S. an advantage & insight in how to revolutionize the combat equipment field.

About The Trigger Pouch

The Trigger pouch is a unique and innovated pouch, that allows to extract a grenade (any type) safely & quickly in comparison to the time consuming & complicated conventional pouch.

Two operatives from our company who served in the Israeli elite counter terror unit (YAMAM) came up with the idea to develop The Trigger Pouch. During their years of service in the YAMAM unit they learned from personal experience in combat, that every second counts when under fire, especially when a grenade needs to be used.

For the last three years The Trigger Pouch has been tested over and over by elite Israeli units and underwent changes according to their insights. We are proud to present the final product.